Inteligent assistant

Automated customer service

Speech recognition, speech to text, text to speech are all included in the new generation of IVR.

It offers your customers a new way of interacting with the services or products you offer.

With the help of the Intelligent Assistant you can create real-time conversations and record orders of services or products without the intervention of any person.

Increased efficiency

Reduced time spent by clients in IVR /

Improved results

Increasing customer satisfaction,
image gain

Low costs

Significant reduction in employee


Artificial intelligence in the service of your business

Voice recognition

Intuitive and automated, available in several languages of international circulation, the intelligent assistant can talk directly to your clients and thus understand what they want without having to interact with a human operator.

Voice assistant for customer service

The new generation of IVR can determine with which department to connect the client, based on key words spoken by him, without the need to express the option by pressing keys.

Text to speech

The assistant can offer preconfigured interactions or depending on certain parameters and provide personalized information to your clients (for example information specific to the invoices issued).

Automatic processing of phone orders

By transforming the voice into text, what the client says is sent automatically to the systems for taking orders or writing by email; it can be used to pick up telephone orders automatically (eg food delivery, taxi orders or fast courier) or even request technical assistance by describing the problem encountered.

Automatic dialing

Ivia can call your clients to remind them of different events (such as doctor’s appointment) or to remind them to pay an invoice, without having to block operators, for hours, to perform a simple, repetitive task.

API integration

Ivia solutions allow API integration for a better communication experience.

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